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IBS Solutions develops 100% web based applications. The Development team is expert on Adobe Coldfusion, PHP and Microsoft .NET Technologies. IBS Solutions can enable efficient Project management, minimum time spending and just in time development by using .Net Tools, Ajax Control Toolkit, DevExpress eXpressApp Framework™ and components on .NET, fusebox and coldBox frameworks on Coldfusion and PHP. The open source applications developed by adhering to industry standards which operate properly with high performance derivatives of Windows and Linux.

IBS applications functions properly with 100% browser based audio and visual communication servers such as flex, flash and silverlight. The Development team offers reliable performance applications on HTTP application servers like IIS, Apache and Netscape IPlanet. Our solutions help you to protect your investments. IBS Solutions offers road maps to put your existing software and hardware investments into practice by protecting them. The objective is to obtain maximum performance with minimum cost.

IBS technologies protects your database investments. We can operate all databases concerned, for example current MSSQL, ORACLE, Mysql, Postgresql, Sysbase, Access or others with ODBC or JDBC Socket definition. IBS Solutions develops fast, efficient, performance tools on high data sizes.

IBS developers look after W3C standards. In this way, your applications operate properly with IE, Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari, Google Chrome and other browsers. Interfaces are designed user-friendly through Ajax integration. The pages are simple and can be easily understood by inexperienced web users are designed keeping in mind Project requirements, using Ajax and other web technologies.

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