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We are sure managing all your processes on a single platform is also your dream like other companies.

We know that different software or your own software on different databases has become a source of irritation for your employees. Besides that your business spends extra money and labour for the inefficiency. Different databases using different data transfers among their versions, software not integrated with one other, a not well planned and arranged network and server architects comprise big problems for business. The exact opposite situation also brings a significant competitive edge.

Therefore, IBS helps you in IT projects of your company. Detailed Project analysis is carried out according to the needs and requests of our clients, aimed at developing visual, user friendly, fast, easy and understandable software on an integrated, efficient and fast network, with server architects instead of scattered, irregular architects.

In general, IBS services are composed of 5 areas.

           1.Software Services
           3.Network and Hardware Services
           4.Training Consultancy and Project Management
           5.Maintenance and Renewal

Software services are the ones given by IBS developers to our clients in the direction of client demands such as meeting administration needs of your company, developing analysis skill, managing job processes, increasing employee performance or reducing costs, etc. The software needs of our clients is evaluated by a Project manager and passed on to the development stage subsequent to determining start and finish dates, project cost and technology requirements. After this stage, a system is implemented and the production stage is implemented. Following the production stage, Project managers fulfill the version development in the direction of feedback and user requests.

Now, the quality of your firm can be measured by the style of your web site. Therefore, IBS assists you in web site design and development, and guides your domain and hosting transactions. Your corporational identity is reflected on your web site and within your web site designs with the purpose of promotion and online sales. IBS solutions offer advertisement services for the formation of your customer portfolio required for your web site. IBS Solutions follows recording and labelling transactions on online maps (google, bing) as well as giving services such as record keeping, advertisement, promotion, information in web sites for sectoral or project purpose at social Networks (facebook, mysapce, linkedin, xing) for your site/company. We provide IT support for your operations like sending collective e-mail, setting target mass in your campaigns and promotions.

IBS Solutions conducts intra-organizational network installation and administration operations. We enable the installation of operating systems, antivirus and other supportive office tools and software as well as server and client architecture required for your software. IBS Solutions provides guidance, leads in your projects, enables technical support for your technical personnel working in your IT department in addition to training/orientation programs necessary for your employees.

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