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IBS CRM comprises Agenda, Directory, Asset Management, Product, Campaign, Sale, Purchase and Communication modules. You can organize meetings, activities, visits, events and insert expenditures and result reports. Furthermore, you can examine and plan your daily events by means of your calendars and visual graphics.

The Directory Module provides a detailed look of your partners, rivals and suppliers. You can log companies or individuals and their specific information into a directory module. In addition to making statistical analyses on registered companies, you can carry out sales and purchase analyses on the basis of country, state, and province. You can record company assets through the Asset Management Module and use them in your activities, visits and meetings. Thus, you can include asset planning in company and expenditure follow-up.

You can list your products with a Product Management Module, and form retail and wholesale price lists for your customers. The Campaign Management Module helps you to organize campaigns and promotions...

With the Sales and Purchase Modules, you can enter your sales and purchase information in the system, in order to make annual, monthly, weekly and daily analyses, create product-based evaluations, and examine your most and least sold/purchased products. In addition to this, you can record sales opportunities and manage your orders. You can set up sales teams and make assignments for them in order to follow up, or make team-based sales analyses.

The Communication Module assists you in creating a company culture. You can generate subjects and forums and publish in your network and add comments. You can have a view on a subject or analyze the inclinations of the employees of your company by arranging in-house surveys.

IBS CRM enables you to manage your suppliers, rivals and business partners besides your customers. It provides a means for you to make various analyses by recording your individual customers and personal information. The Sales Module along with the Purchase module provides a means to maintain contact with your suppliers and helps you to manage an efficient supply chain.

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