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  A working environment from where you can discover and develop your skills and expects you to...

Ponder in a comfortable, easeful and entertaining setting with which you can make scientific studies on the subjects related to your career and the things that you wonder about, and allocate time to your own projects, ideas and arrange social activities with your co-workers.

If you want to work in a career where you can be involved in information sharing with your co-workers through project culture and working methods, where you can learn new things, and where you can benefit from business information and accumulate business acumen, send your cv here...

Cues for recruitment and next process

Is the place where you really want to work an IBS Office?

Our objective is to select and recruit persons with development potential to move our company to the future as well as meeting the human resource defined and planned in compliance with the business plan of our company. It is to subject our employees to a certain training and orientation process after recruitment and assist our employees on the planning of their careers.

Providing a financially rewarding career and one that our employees can enjoy is our most important duty. Meeting the request and needs of our employees in a timely and efficient way, while providing a stress free and problem-free working environment is our primary responsibility.

Innovative Business Solutions
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